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Ceremony (Limited Edition Signed Vinyl)

Ceremony (Limited Edition Signed Vinyl)

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We have a very limited number of Eric Hilton's 3rd solo album "Ceremony" on double LP that are hand signed by the man himself. These are in stock now and available to ship! Get yours now before they are gone. 

Musician/producer Eric Hilton takes listeners on a blunted journey through space with his new album “Ceremony", 13 tracks of emotive interstellar psychedelia, out on August 20th. Hilton’s masterful ability to mix disparate musical ingredients was well established during his 25-year tenure as co-founder of the legendary genre-hopping downtempo electronic music act Thievery Corporation. But in his newfound solo work, the artist has crafted a sonic universe uniquely his own.

“Ceremony” is the 3rd solo record Hilton has released during the past year, a period of prolific awakening for the veteran musician and producer, which the album title alludes to. “Ceremony acknowledges the exercise of sitting alone to draw musical vibrations from the ether, which I do on a regular basis,” says Hilton. “It’s the most centering, grounding thing I do, and I didn’t really do it until I became a solo artist. Now I’m hooked. Interpreting life experiences, consciousness, and putting that into a musical form - that's the ceremony.”

Hilton moved house from D.C. to a more rural setting prior to the making of “Ceremony”, and the bucolic surroundings had a definite influence on the writing process for this album. “Being in nature brought more of an “ambient” aspect into this record - I like certain aspects of ambient music.” said the artist. But “Ceremony” grooves far too purposefully to be mistaken for anything like a traditional “ambient record”, so those aspects manifest themselves here as an intelligent spaciousness within which the songs exist.

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